Tuesday, September 07, 2010


My first cat, Ginger, apparently had a stroke last week.  I'm just worried sick. I noticed last week that she was walking unsteadily and she started spending days hiding in my closet.  By yesterday, she was really unsteady on her feet and I had to put the pet steps next to my coffee table so she can drink from the fountain.  She can't jump anymore.

I spent three hours at the vet clinic Saturday while they ran her through a bunch of tests.  When I left for work last night, I was afraid I wouldn't see her alive again.  I really hope she pulls through and gets better.  Poor thing seems like she doesn't know what's going on.

If she has to go, I won't replace her the way I did when Sam died.


Rob said...

I'm very sorry LR. I hope she bounces back and I will say a prayer that she does.

Cyndi L said...

I'm sorry. We had a scare with our oldest baby this past weekend, and it is just not fun.

Tonto said...

Did you get a diagnosis yet? I am really sorry.

Joe said...

The loss of a pet is more traumatic than many people realize. I hope things work out well for Ginger.

Trader Rick said...


Lone Ranger said...

She spends most of her time in my bedroom closet. I haul here out at least once a day over her objections to eat and drink.

She still has a sense of balance because although she is unsteady on her feet, she will stick a foot out to keep from falling over.

She can't jump at all. I put my tabletop fountain on the floor, so she doesn't have to climb the pet steps to get to it.

Unless she has another stroke, I think she's as bad as she will get. And with strokes, you can never tell if she will get better or how much or how long it will take.