Friday, January 06, 2012

It Could Be Worse

Looks right now like Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee.  It could be worse.  Obama could win a second term.  No doubt the Chicago thugs are, at this very moment, plotting every treacherous, underhanded move they can make to steal the election.

The only true conservative (Michele Bachmann) has dropped out of the race, leaving us with a field of moderates and one Libertarian (i.e. loon).

I don't trust moderates.  As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, the only thing you'll find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead armadillos.  Anyone who has driven through Texas knows the truth of that remark.

Moderates compromise.  Compromise is giving up something you believe to be good to adopt something you believe to be bad.  Liberals are constantly calling for compromise, but it it's so wonderful, why don't THEY do it?  Imagine what the history of this country would have been if moderate Republicans had compromised with Democrats on the issue of slavery.  Instead, "Radical Republicans" pressured Lincoln into signing the Emancipation Proclamation and pushed through the 13th Amendment.  The so-called "radicals" went on to fight the democrats' Jim Crow laws, Black Codes and segregation.  And now, democrats call Republicans who oppose abortion, "radical."  The players and the rhetoric doesn't change -- only the crimes against humanity.

Moderates seem to blow with the wind.  You never quite know which side of the issue they'll come down on -- which way they will flip. Supreme Court Justices Souter and Kennedy are poster boys for this inclination.

However, whomever is nominated, we must remember one thing.  He'll be infinitely better than Obama.


Leticia said...

I believe you have won your case against the moderates. But at this point, anyone would be better than Obama.

I truly despise that he is targeting our military personnel for budget cuts.

Lone Ranger said...

All liberals do that. They decimate our forces and then when another war breaks out (as they inevitably do), we suffer huge losses until we can build up our strength again.

Leticia said...

LR, and that is the greatest tragedy of all.

Joe said...

Liberals like us to think they hate war. But what they really like is sabotaging the U.S. military so that when we have to go to war we lose the optimum number of troops before sending in reinforcements.