Friday, November 26, 2010


Since I worked Thanksgiving, I decided to have my meal a day early.  It was better than some previous years.

I had a turduckin breast, corn on the cob, garlic mashed potatoes and LOTS of gravy.  Being single, I don't have to limit my foods to certain occasions.  I have corned beef and cabbage several times a year.  And I love deep-fried turkey thighs.  But, some foods simply aren't available year 'round.  We produce 242 million turkeys a year, so why is it so difficult to find thighs? 

While I was shopping, I found another scarce item -- a prime rib roast.  It is sitting uncovered at the bottom of my fridge now, aging.  I'll prepare it next Wednesday. 

On Tuesday, I had to take my cat Willow in for her annual check-up and a shot.  SOMEHOW, she knew something was up and made herself scarce.  I finally cornered her in the kitchen, but she gave me the slip and while I was chasing her, I tripped on something and did a face-plant on my dining room table and then landed on my back on the floor.  So, now I have a bunged up knee and my left eye hurts. No emergency room this time.

I'm having problems with my computer fan, so I have to do my blogging from work until I can fix it. So, you might expect some spotty writing.

And finally, for my information, I bought a 21.5-inch monitor, so I've been posting YouTube videos in a larger format.  Is anyone having problems viewing them?

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.


Mark said...

I thought you did all your blogging at work.

Joe said...

No problems viewing vids so far.

I love corned beef and cabbage. Next time you have some, email me some as an attachment.

Nurse that bunged up knee and that left eye.