Saturday, October 09, 2010

TV Review: Law & Order UK

Yup, there is now a British version of Law & Order.  I discovered it on BBC America as I was channel surfing before work tonight. So, I thought I'd post a review -- or rather, what I thought while I was watching it.


WOW!  Law & Order UK!  Who knew?

Same intro as the American versions, except they say, "crown prosecutors," and the lawyers are wearing those ridiculous, white wigs. Looks like whipped cream topping.

PLUNK PLUNK  Oooo, it's the familiar "plunk, plunk" sound!

What are they saying?  Hard to understand the accents. I'm going to have to concentrate.

What? What?  This show should have that a thumbprint on my screen?  I'd better get some Windex and take care of that.

PLUNK PLUNK  Wow, what a co-inky dink!  A commercial for Windex!

OK, back to it.  PLUNK PLUNK.  Hmm, I just realized that nobody in the commercials had British accents. Oh, yeah.  Because this is BBC AMERICA.

What did he say?  Let me rewind it.  Again.  Nope, I'm not getting it.

YIKES!  This is what passes for a hottie in British detective shows??

OK, I've totally lost track of PLUNK PLUNK the plot.  Something about a kid who kills anoth...DOG WHISPERER IS ON!

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