Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I want documentaries on all European Countries to be required viewing

I don't want TRAVEL LOG's like a Rick Steve's show. I want documentaries on how and what it means to be MIDDLE CLASS and actually live like a middle class person in these countries and let the American public finally stop with this idea that EUROPE has it right and only see what it is like as a RICH AMERICAN TOURIST VISITING. If Sean Penn had to live like a Cuban and not FIDEL CASTRO when he went to visit Cuba maybe he would shut-up too. Any Canadian or Italian or British friend, I have will tell you in 30 SECONDS of talking with them that their middle class lifestyle and way of life went up 300% and I MEAN 300% when they moved here, and they say it is because they are not taxed on everything here. They did complain that health care costs too much and no one disputes that one...HOWEVER my friends have always told me that their HEALTHCARE improved 100% when they came here too and these peiople are regular middle class folks like me. So it begs the question - WHY ARE WE DOING THIS TO OURSELVES? Is the bourgeoisie - rich middle class amerinan liberals - gonna drive us into the ground or what? and when we get there what will they do with us NEXT? My non-American friends have never lived better and say so any chance they get - THEY LOVE AMERICA - and think that this country is the greatest. A Canadaian friend from Vancouver was just here and cannot believe how cheap it is and that as a middle class person in Vancouver they cannot afford to eat out in restaurants except rarely and his taxrate...we were talking about April 15th coming up here in the US...he is taxed 55% of his income plus the value added tax that is added onto everything you buy or do in Vancouver. Which is what Charles Krauthammer said last night is exactly where we are headed after the November election! We are going to get a VAT on all we do here to pay for this stupid HC BILL which could have been achieved for a lot less! I am so sorry but BUSH is going to be hated forever for the wars by the LEFT and I am going to hate him forever for his stupid spending version of Republicanism that DID NOTHING and let this get out of control when he was in charge. He could have done something in the last half of his presidency and the DEMS would have had to agree in part somewhere so they didn't look the idiots the Republicans look like for doing nothing when they were in charge. ATTENTION EVERYONE but common sense has left the building...I bet every American who never had kids is feeling pretty good about that decision today.


Jim O said...

Wow, you are angry!!!

I can't say I blame you. But remember the Kennedy mantra: don't get mad; get even.

Mark said...

Making anything required viewing sounds good, but isn't that kind of Government mandate what we are complaining about today? What if I don't want to watch a documentary?

The point is...get the government out of our lives.

Vigilis said...

Way to go, Tonto!

People who have never been outside of our country believe they do not like it?

Politicians of both stripes have some convinced citizens of 50sovereign U.S. states that world opinion comprised of jealous European anachronisms and totalitarian regimes trumps their own opinions?

Utter baloney!

Tonto said...

You are right Mark! I rescind the word "required" and opt for 30 second commercials by some foundation instead...anything to get the word out... :)