Monday, March 22, 2010


Wasn't that a great speech? a church revival! Hey it could have been worse...we could have had the PUBLIC OPTION too! Should we all start greeting each other as Komrades?


Mark said...

Would I be exaggerating if I said, this may be the beginning of the end of our Constitutional Republic?

Tonto said...

No your are not...because I was a CON LAW (aka Constitutional Law) freak in college and law school. I love CON LAW.

My hostfather when I was an exchange student in Gernamny was a very liberal man of course. Sweetest man ever. Loved him. He is gone now. But he told me you are the freeest country in the world yet you are all so conservative. I didnt get it then because I didn't think we were FREE...socially we are so conservative in comparison...which is what I thought he meant.

But what he meant was we are FREE from government intrusion into our lives and he though that was the greatest thing about being AMERICAN even though he thought Americans were too stiff socially of course with our Puritan values in comparison. But even he knew that we were different special and I am so sad to see it go.

LAter as I studied CON LAW and had a great liberal professor I have to say....sadly I discovered is the Constitution although the best written document and law ever created. It had foresight the foundng fathers probably didn't know was in there and they were geniuses....

But that being said the only thing in the end in that really keeps us AMERICAN and true to our roots is......US the collective we...just us people voting that way.

Our way of life can change...the Constitution will allow it unfortunately. It is up to us. But we dont know our history and the good parts of it anymore and we are giving it away what makes us "US"...because we just don't see our "gifts" the way we are until now it seems too late.

SAD really.