Thursday, February 04, 2010

Where's the watermelon?

Guess what NBC is serving up for Black History Month - NO JOKE!


Lone Ranger said...

Wasn't it not that long ago that the liberal media pounded a school district for serving fried chicken to honor Martin Luther King Jr. Day?

Tonto said...

YEAH i thought I heard a similar story too? a couple of years ago?

Jim O said...

Back when I was in the Army in the 70's, the mess hall put on a 'soul food' night every once in a while. My black fellow soldiers were annoyed by it. They thought it was condescending. Why not just make fried chicken and chitlins another choice on the everyday menu?

Me? I appreciated the change from the usual routine.

Lone Ranger said...

Oh, the NCO club at Yokota Air Base Japan had a different themed buffet every weeknight. Wednesday was soul food day. Best food of the week.It was also the most popular night.

I have NO problem with the menu. But isn't it great fun to turn the PC monster against its creators from time to time?

Trader Rick said...

How about a "Old Redneck sitting on the front porch in his rocker with his hound dog at his feet" menu with Deep fat fried poached game animal of the week wrapped in bacon, with poke salad and fried green tomatos? And smother it all in greasy gravy? Serve with coca cola. doesn't offend me!!! MMMMM-mmmm!Just like thanksgiving..

Lone Ranger said...

No sushi for Japanese, no pasta for Italians, no kimchee for Koreans, and no crow for Obama supporters.

Mark said...

As usual, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are conspicuous in their absence.

But if this was the FOX News cafeteria, they'd be camped out.

Joe said...

I am white. I eat fried chicken as often as I can get it. I eat collards as often as I can get them. I soak my corn bread in the collard pot liquor (juice - for those educated in government schools). I eat watermelon all summer long.

The association of "soul food" with blacks only is a figment of somebody's overactive imagination.

The supposed connection between the food offered and Black History Month is only offensive to dingbats, black or white.

A meal of New England clam chowder would have been great, but would not have been able to be connected with any known month that I know of.

PC has gone entirely too far and I think it is time to put a stop to it.

Hither-to-forth and even forevermore I will devote an occasional post on my blog to being as politically incorrect and stereotypically offensive as I can, within the bounds of the rules of my blog.