Tuesday, February 09, 2010

John Edwards had "Tiger Woods Disease"

Okay - this is not a proud moment but I bought the book "the Politician" by Andrew Young about how Young "took one for the Edwards' Team"and said Rielle Hunter's baby was his. It's the basic "Bill lying to Hillary situation" but to the next degree. Worst thing Hillary did was go on NBC and talk like an idiot to Matt Lauer with all the lies her husband told. While Mrs. Edwards on the other hand, continued a presidential campaign, fell off the deep end mentally after a bone cancer diagnosis, and ended up with a half sibling for her kids because of her crazy, blind ambition. I had to buy the book because I felt sorry for Young and I knew Young would never work again unless he bought his own Taco Bell franchise or something...because Young had been such an idiot. First while reading I thought Young was an idiot anyway because he was a Democrat working for a egotistical, rich, white male who was bored, and felt entitled to the job of president, with no real passion for the job, or what it meant...because lets face it when you have enough money what else is there to do with your time when you've got good teeth, good hair, and look 15 years younger than your wife? But then as I kept reading the book - which I admit I could not put down until I had finished it - I realized I had "Andrew Young disease" and did the same stupid things, but anywhere near as bad, with a former boss myself. It was so obvious Andrew Young was being used...you can see that 10 pages in...but I couldn't see it when it was happening to myself so I "seasoned my judgment with mercy" - as the Bible tells us to do - about Andrew Young and realized he didn't see it either. But Young is still an idiot. BTW - Young calls Matt Drudge is his book - a "mudslinger." Young believed Edwards was going to save us from Rove and Cheney. He also said John Kerry and his wife Theresa Heinz, who never took the name Kerry, were snobs, boring, and mean. They were "rich rich" when Edwards was "just rich." Kerry and Edwards just hated each other. He also said Gore was as boring as it gets. Worst part for me was this woman Rielle Hunter. If I had "Andrew Young disease" then John Edwards has "Tiger Woods disease." This woman Rielle Hunter was just some chick he met at a bar in Manhattan on one of his trips away from home!!! Sounds just like Tiger Woods. Man if a woman can get a job at a bar in VEGAS - she is set for life! Hunter is some hippie, "who needs to be in rooms with good energy" type who was divorced, unemployed, no family, no normal friends, had lived in her car a few years earlier, and whose former name was "Lisa Druck." But she believed she would guide Edwards to be the next great leader of tomorrow all the while wishing she was Mrs. Edwards - but happy to be second fiddle in the meantime. She is talked about as some videograopher, but Young was the one who bought her video camera as rouse for her to travel with Edwards after they were already sleeping together! She didn't even own a camera or know how to use one! This story is so garden variety that I am amazed that other than Edwards being a politician with rich rich friends who helped hide it - this story is typical, with the same nutty characters we all know personally, who cheat on their wives and get caught. EGO really is worse than being stupid I am starting to believe. Rielle Hunter seems like a lost soul who found a meal ticket and gave it meaning by saying it was "destined in the stars" and Edwards liked what he was hearing. How Andrew Young flew to Calfiornia and did what he did for that family without them wiring 5 million dollars into his account BEFORE he took his 3 kids and wife and Edwards pregnant hippie mistress on a private plane for months on end...BEATS ME. I hope Young is ashamed he let his kids witness his role in undoing another family. In reading this story - Young chose to make no judgments about people or situations which led him to do some really stupid things. Young should have had more honor and not put loyalty above honesty as the greater virtue. He helped a mistress hurt a woman and kids and didn't seem to care or notice that he should have drawn the line and Edwards would have understood. Edwards used Young because he knew he could...and I was used for the same reason and learned the hard way. But I had to confess I did read this sludge...

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