Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I have finally named my list of liberal truths, "25 Immutable Truths About Liberals." I figure 25 is a nice, round number and I will try to keep it at that, although I will still strive to refine what I have. As for "immutable," I have come to realize that these truths have almost no exceptions and that they are unchanging. They are set in stone. And it is liberals themselves who make it so. Although these rules are pretty much self-explanatory, I will later explain them in detail, mostly to get me blogging again.


Trader Rick said...

iT'S almost high noon and the train whistle is blowing...time to let the drunks go home, send the deputies home, write your will, and take to the street.you're all alone now, here comes the train...The bad guys are assembled now, the ladies get on the train--what are you gonna do? here they come! You have to stand up to them all by yourself, nobody in town will help. Walk down the main street of Hadleyville to meet them...here they come, the liberal scum! What are you gonna do? Kill them one by one! Run! Run! They have no souls, they want to destroy you, the town, the nation with their Godless Communism! Hide in the Livery stable-- They've set the barn on fire! get out!!!gun them down-save the horses if you can!gun them down!!! Hide! Are y ou shot? Kill the liberal anti-American bad guys!! Shoot it out!! Maybe someone will help by shooting them in the back!!

Shoot the last of them down!! Hug the girl! The socialists are all dead now, you're a hero to the cowardly townspeople. All is well The bad Frank Miller Pelosi is dead. Throw down your badge and leave!!!

Joe said...

I like the use of the word, "immutable" in this context.

I also like that you will go over them for us, if only to keep you blogging.

Vigilis said...

1. Is trader Rick suddenly on medicines? If so, may God bless him.

2. LR, 25? That certainly required preparation. Are you going to dribble them out to readers? Now that you have raised our expectations, when will we have seen them all?

Lone Ranger said...

Vigilis, if you haven't watched "High Noon," do so, NOW!

Although nothing is right about liberals, I think I have encapsulated their faults in just 25 rules. They are all there. And they are pretty much self-explanatory. Maybe I can convince my ONE liberal sister.