Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Another story you won't see on the alphabet networks. It seems that someone smashed 11 windows in the Colorado democrat party headquarters Tuesday and left behind an anti-health care reform poster. Well, the chairwoman of the state party, Pat Waak (another poster girl for why the Founding Fathers didn't want women in politics), immediately blamed Republicans for the vandalism. One problem: police arrested Maurice Schwenkler, 24, a democrat party operative. You would think that any civilized person would apologize for slandering Republicans. Democrats never apologize.
After learning about alleged vandal's political past, Waak told the newspaper that "there is a lot of rhetoric out there from both sides of the spectrum."
Read all about it on the only honest news network in the country.


@eloh said...

I'm glad they got the guy...Nixon has an alibi.

Mark said...

When I heard this story, I tried in vain to remember any time that Republicans tried similar tactics. I couldn't think of any. And you know if any Republicans did, the networks would have been all over it.

Then, I remembered the time in Ohio when Democrats slashed the tires of Republicans to keep them away from the polls.

It's always the Democrats that resort to violence and vandalism to try to make Republicans look bad.

It seems the Democrats don't need anyone else to make themselves look bad. They do just fine on their own. I could create a whole blog post about this. Maybe I will.

Lone Ranger said...

As I have often said, the democrats are the greatest source of evil in this country. They not only engage in crimes against humanity (slavery, segregation, abortion)they engage in routine crimes every day (drugs, vandalism, fraud). Whenever there is a choice between taking the high road or the low road, they choose the low road. I can't think of a single major stain on our history that can't be laid at the feet of the democrat party.

Anonymous said...

I loved her response after this:

"This sounds like the type of Democratic tactic from the left fringe trying to make Republicans look mean-spirited," Balmer told the Denver Post. "In this case, it blew up in their face. He was caught red-handed."

Waak told that Balmer's assertion was the "most ridiculous comment" she's ever heard.

"This wasn't just any random kind of thing," she said. "I have a lot of other things to do rather than replace my windows. Quite frankly, I feel violated."

OH, YEAH, they always feel violated, they always have more important things to do. Is that line in the DNC Handbook? I seem to remember Clinton saying over and over, "I need to get back to working for the American people," or something like unto it.