Thursday, August 06, 2009

Good On Him

Bill Clinton rode to the rescue and extracted two "journalists" from North Korea this week. Of course, the knee-jerk reaction would be to say, "That's a long way to go to pick up a couple of Asian chicks." But, I have to be fair and balanced and say that Bubba done good. He knew he was being used as a propaganda tool and did not give Kim Jong Mentally-Il the satisfaction of smiling during their photo ops. He endured an entire day with this height-challenged lunatic with no signs of cordiality and without screwing it up. But what surprised me most was how he behaved during the reunion at John Wayne airport in Burbank. He wasn't the first one to pop out of the plane with his arms raised, basking in cheers and applause. In fact, he didn't emerge until the hubbub had died down, and then he stayed in the background. He didn't make a speech. I thought it was odd that neither of the women hugged him, even though at one point it looked like he expected it. I just can't find anything wrong with his actions in this matter. If only he weren't a serial rapist.


Mark said...

I see it much the same way, but I remain suspicious. What could he have promised North Korea in exchange?

Jim O said...

I'm delighted that they're safe at home. Time will tell how much it will cost us.

Tonto said...

Yeah he didn't speak...but Al Gore did. I thot something is definitely Rotten in Denmark. I am sure we will never know the real story. But I did enjoy hearing Kim Jong Il rejected having Al Gore come or Biden...I didn't know Clinton had that much humility left in him....he must be trying to get into heaven at this point.
When I saw it on Fox news...and the way he was acting...I thought...Oh he dying?

Trader Rick said...

I still hate him.

Jean said...

Yes, I think he "done good." There probably is more to the story. Glad the two women are home safe.

Bill Clinton, from what I've been able to tell, has done extensive work overseas politically since leaving the presidency. He does not talk down this country. When outside the US, he did not bash Bush (sometimes, at home, he did disagree, but that's different), and he's bluntly told the Middle East they've brought their problems upon themselves, and they need to do the work to fix them.

I did not like what he was doing as President, but, frankly, compared to what we have now, he was a wonder. He DID get the welfare rolls slashed. He did some things for the economy -- unfortunately, we're dealing with some of the fallout from that now, I suspect. But he was smooth. As a military member, I detested that he and his staff detested us, but the military serves to uphold and defend the Constitution.

There are things a former Head of State can do that the current one cannot. This was a perfect example. At least it wasn't Jesse Jackson.