Friday, July 24, 2009

Chance Encounter

SO, I drove through a driving rain to Walter Reed Army Hospital Thursday for an appointment It's just 12 miles away, but it always takes an hour to get there. And then there's 30 minutes looking for a parking space. I was riding up to my appointment, when who should step onto the elevator but Senator Frank Lautenberg. This liberal jerk from New Jersey headed the fight this week to defeat a law that would allow licensed gun owners to carry their weapons over state lines. I have always thought it absurd that I can lose my constitutional freedoms just by crossing a state border. I would probably do a lot more traveling if I didn't become defenseless just by entering another state. Anyway, I was surprised at how old and frail this guy looked. He's 85 years old. He's one of those guys who will leave the Senate horizontally. He was no doubt there to get the medical care that he and his partners in crime don't want the average American to have. He looked like he was only half aware of where he was and had a 20-something aide with him who told him every step to take. It just made me sick to see someone like this who thinks he can run my life better than I can. Of course, he didn't know that he was standing next to a radical right-winger who could have ties to terrorism. Oh, and my appointment? It's scheduled for NEXT week.


Mark said...

Wait a minute. You drove for a mile through a driving rain for an appointment you weren't supposed to be at until next week?

Am I missing something here? Or did you make an appointment to make an appointment?

If I'm reading you right, perhaps you need a 20-something aide.

Mark said...

It's OK, LR, I have part timers disease, too.

Joe said...

I'll bet Lautenberg didn't have to reschedule.

Jim O said...

You've just reminded me of one of the most infuriating stunts the Democrats have pulled in our lifetime.
In 2002, crooked New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli appeared to be doomed to lose his re-election bid when one of his many improprieties was established beyond doubt: he had accepted illegal campaign contributions from a shady character with ties to that workers' paradise, North Korea (if that had been the worst thing Torricelli ever did, he'd be a better man that he is, but I digress). This was just a couple of weeks before the election. By then, the time for a party to change candidates on the ballot under New Jersey law had passed. But the Democrats belatedly pulled Torricelli and replaced him with Lautenberg, who had quit the Senate years before. He was the the only guy they thought could beat the Republican candidate, a decent guy named Doug Forrester.
The GOP challenged the blatantly illegal move, but the New Jersey Supreme Court ignored the law and allowed the Dems to get away with it.
New York, my home, is a sewer of corruption, but at least it's not as bad as the stinkhole on the other side of the Hudson. New Jersey residents continue to get the government they deserve, as Lautenberg exemplifies.