Monday, May 18, 2009

Saw a movie...found it offensive

I watched The Reader on pay per view this weekend. Kate Winslet won the Oscar for this one. I found it offensive. It wasn't offensive because of the sex scenes. Actually the sex was integral to the storyline between the 18 year old boy and the 36 year old woman...graphic but not had a point. What was offensive was how this story could possibly be seen as an ethical dilemma worthy to be contemplated. And I hated being made to empathize with Kate's character as a former Nazi death camp guard....because I never did empathize. So she has this big secret? What could it be? Well it certainly was not worth what she did to keep it hidden. She was a predator...she preyed on the weakness of young boy character and she preyed on the female victims in the concentration camp for her own hide her own insecurities and weaknesses...which can be seen as nothing more than arrogance of the most disgusting kind. She used the boy and the victims in the camps to teach her to read...and for this we make a movie and thank the movie for being such a great think that what Holocaust movies have become? That's why I was offended. I hope the writer did not think this woman's actions were up for serious debate as to whether someone else might have done the same? UHHH...YEAH most people would have done differently. Unbelievable. Of course because of people like her...Hitler road elected and got away with it...that happens in a world without absolutes. I know my old ethics teacher would have made us watch this movie as THE example of situational ethics...which is a dead theory now...WHY? because it doesn't work. As soon as it ended, I bought Marley and Me on Pay Per make up for this bad choice.


Mark said...

My wife refused to watch Marley and Me, because she heard it had a sad ending. She loves dogs.

Tonto said...

Mark - its a GREAT movie...more like the story of my life right now as far as the middle section goes.

Its about marriage and work and kids and the dog you get at the beginning of marriage who is in the background the whole time its all going on.

Its really funny and cute but of course we know the life expectancy of a lab is only about 13 years so that is about as far as the movie goes.

Skip the ending but watch it...really worth it.

Mark said...

I watched it. While my wife was in the other room. She had a golden retriever that lived 17 years. She still misses her.

Incidentally, we have two dogs now. A Pug and a Toy Poodle

When I got her the Toy Poodle she nearly killed it trying to put the batteries in... Bada boom!

Mark said...

Watch "The Cheaters" yet?

Tonto said...

LOL! Mark. Poodles are great I have a black mini and white mini poodle. I got them for my elderly paretns.

Never had a small dog before. Love it. I know men make fun of poodles but you have to admit they are the smartest dogs I have ever seen. No one they can work in circuses.

Glad you watched it. I thought it was good. I have had more days though where I have wanted to give away my husband more than the dog!

No I don't have the Cheaters yet but I was sent an emial that it has been shipped and now I am waiting for it. Can't wait to see it.