Monday, May 18, 2009


Why do I get the feeling Pelosi still won't lose her job for calling the CIA liars? Is government just broken or what? Is this how liberals felt when Bush was in office?....because I am afraid. Very afraid.


Lone Ranger said...

Whether she survives depends on her own party. There are plenty of Democrats who are upset by her iron-fisted rule of the House. Only a few of the farthest-left loons are defending her. Although the noose is tightening around her surgically-enhanced turkey-neck. She's a survivor.

Mark said...

She's a cancer in a body already riddled with cancer.

Vigilis said...

Pelosi has to be about the lowest IQ female in the national political spotlight. However, knocking her out of House leadership would likely replace her with a white, male lawyer (#2, Steny H. Hoyer).

Now would an administration comprised almost entirely of lawyers wish to draw the public's attention to any further concentration of unrepresentative authority within their powerful profession. Concentrated authority breeds conflicts of interest.

The only reasons Pelosi will survive her latest embarrassments are her gender and her generic undergraduate degree.