Thursday, January 04, 2007

Just Went Shopping

I was bored this afternoon, so I went on a little shopping trip. At B, B & B, I bought a small whistling teapot and a French press coffee maker. Enjoying my first cup of coffee now. I like a strong coffee and this is the first good cup I've had since I ate at a Navy dining hall in Yokosuka, Japan in the late 80s. Looks like my Senseo is going to gather a bit of dust. Went over to Safeway to get some dark French roast and found something called crapples...wait..lemme find the package...grapples. They look like apples and taste like grapes. No kidding! And not just any grapes, purple grapes. As a matter of fact, they taste like grape Kool Aide. And look like apples! I'll have to hand some out at work tomorrow. Should be interesting to see if the flat-earth vegetarians, who fear genetically-altered foods, will eat them. These are the same people who want the government to fund stem cell research. Somebody who doesn't know me very well gave me a bottle of 10-year-old, single malt, Laphroaig scotch. I'll be giving that away too -- minus one gulp. I don't drink, but I occasionally try something just so I can take part in discussions. For instance, when I'm in Japan, I'll try sake, when I'm in Korea, I'll try soju, etc. After one gulp, I concluded that this tastes like pine tar -- not that I've ever tasted pine tar. But I've smelled it. Lessee, what else. Oh, yeah. When I got home, I found a package waiting for me. It was a Sunbeam bread maker that I ordered through for about $35. Before I went looking for one, I researched them on and they said to buy the cheapest one I could find. I used to have one when they first came out in Japan. I gave it to my mom and it mysteriously disappeared. I think one of my sisters has it. But fresh-baked bread sounds good. I don't know if I told you folks this before, but I found a source for a Lone Ranger hat. I called him this morning and he's going to send me some kind of kit that will tell him the size and shape of my head. My head measures 23 inches. Big. Since he makes each hat personally by hand, it will take about seven months. Expect pictures in August. I also found a source for the shirt and pants. Looking at it, I dunnoooo....looks kinda gay when it's worn by someone else. Hoo, this is boring. I'd better stop. I was going to go to bed at nine tonight, but after that powerful cup of coffee, I don't think I'll make it.


Mark said...

I've always been under the impression that you refer to yourself as the Lone Ranger because you are the lone Conservative among your colleagues in the newsroom.

There can never be another Clayton Moore.

FrenziedFeline said...

Um, yeah. Looks a bit gay, all right.

I dunno, I think the mask, kerchief, and hat is what makes it recognizable. A darker blue would be certainly be better. That light blue brings back some bad memories of the baby blue leisure suit my dad used to wear. ;)

Lone Ranger said...

I refer to myself as the Lone Ranger because he was the boyhood hero who most influenced my life. As I've said before, when I grew to adulthood, I never discarded the teachings of my parents nor the influence of my heroes. I think that's why I have led a life that has, for the most part, been free of the problems that plague so many other people these days. It's also why I don't feel like a hypocrite when I'm doling out stern advice or criticism to others.

I was giving some dating advice (imagine that) to a co-worder some years ago and told her that if she wants to gain valuable insight into a man's character, she should ask him who his heroes are. If he cites a person of questionable character or doesn't have an answer at all, she should be suspicious. (All men might want to adopt a hero in case they face such an eventuality)

True, there will never be another Clayton Moore. I have a picture of him in his later years pinned up right here next to my monitor. But, there are several people around the country -- like Elvis impersonators -- who make decent money appearing at rodeos, state fairs, etc. I don't plan to go that far. I'm just curious about the experience -- curious enough that I'm willing to spend about a thousand dollars on the project. I'll forego the horse. Not decided yet is whether I'll be buried at Arlington in the mask or in my Air Force uniform. Depends on which fits better.


The suit is made of gabardine, which is very durable and stretches. I wish you hadn't brought up that leisure suit analogy. My ex once bought me a leisure suit exactly like that -- with the floral shirt, the white belt and the white shoes. It lasted about a week, before I mananged to "accidentally" get some bicycle chain grease on it while riding around Hawaii.


Well, I was sleeping and just got up to try my first loaf of bread from my new breadmaker. Great! Back to bed.

FrenziedFeline said...

LOL--sorry about drudging up bad memories. Heaven knows I want the Lone Ranger on my side. :)