Friday, December 01, 2006

Smart Women

When it comes to smart women, there's no contest. We've got them all. Compare women like Hillary Clinton (or Rodham?), Theresa Kerry (or Heinz?), and Rosie O'Donnell (O'piggeldypig?) to women like Ann Coulter, Peggy Noonan and Rachel Marsden.

No better way to prove it than to show some conservative women's writings. Uh, the liberal women's writings are too embarrassing to read, much less post.

This week, Ann Coulter gives her slant on the six imams ejected from a flight in Minnesota.

The original six imams removed from the flight last week first attracted attention when they said prayers to Allah on traditional Muslim prayer rugs in the boarding area. After boarding, they changed seats, spreading themselves throughout the plane. They were also overheard spouting anti-American rhetoric. Witnesses said the six men appeared to be either Islamic fanatics or U.S. Army chaplains on leave from Guantanamo.

Then, Rachel Marsden weighs in on Charlie Rangel's draft rhetoric.

The more little punks I see loitering around outside the mall with their jeans down around their knees, the more I like the idea of mandatory military service. At least they’ll have learned how to tuck in a shirt, pull up their pants, and not take a full 10 minutes to get me my McDonald’s cheeseburger.

And the always lady-like Peggy Noonan tells us the difference between the rich and the poor, Americans and Democrats.

A very small theory, but my latest, is that many politicians and journalists lack a certain public grace because they spent their formative years in the American institution most likely to encourage base assumptions and coldness toward the foe. Yes, boarding school, and tony private schools in general. The last people with grace in America are poor Christians and religiously educated people of the middle class. The rich gave it up as an affectation long ago. Too bad, since they stayed in power.

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