Saturday, January 18, 2014

How to Kill People

The anti-death penalty people are all in a snit because during an execution in Ohio, the "victim" was injected with two drugs and took about 20 minutes to die.  Oh yes, he gasped for breath a few times.  I wonder what the pregnant woman he repeatedly raped and killed by slitting her throat sounded like.

Executions should not be that difficult.  Simply pump nitrogen into an air-tight chamber or room, displacing all the oxygen.  The person being executed won't smell anything, won't gasp for breath, won't know anything is wrong.  He will simply fall asleep and die. 


Vigilis said...

And, the supply of nitrogen is abundant, even if a pure, medical grade is required by Obamacare.

Lone Ranger said...

Another way would be to inject him with insulin. He's just fall asleep and die.