Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Why does Bill bother to have Dick Morris on his show when it's clear he thinks he's nuts?


Lone Ranger said...

There are certain people O'Reilly just likes to josh. My objection to having Morris on is his history as a scumbag with Bill Clinton.

Z said...

I've never seen O'Reilly look like he thinks Morris is nuts, but as much as I agree with Morris on some things, you're always rankles me to think what a scumbag he was helping Clinton. (tho I'd prefer Clinton over Obama any day, and I NEVER thought I'd ever have to say that!)

I can't stand disloyalty, even if it's a lefty who left CLinton for the Right. How can you TRUST a guy like that? How could he have such a change in philosophy so suddenly? Ptui.

I have to tell you, Lone Ranger, your remark at Joe's place to the video of the idiot OWS guy who could barely form a sentence REALLY made me laugh.."Which one is Ducky?" THE BEST :-) Thanks for the laugh.

Leticia said...

I have actually seen Dick Morris in person at a Tea Party and AFP Rally. He seems like the real deal.

I think him and O'Reilly enjoy the sparring, it does keep it interesting.

Mark said...

Why? Entertainment.