Sunday, April 01, 2012

If Obama Had A Son, Would He Look Like Tyrone?

Meet 20-year-old Tyrone Dale David Woodfork.  President Obama was only too eager to claim that, if he had a son, shooting victim Trayvon Martin would look like him. I haven't heard Obama claim a similar identification with Tyone, who brutally sexually assaulted an 85-year-old woman and beat her to death and also shot her 90-year-old husband in the face with a BB gun.

Where is Jesse Jackson?  Where is Al Sharpton?  Where are the media?  Why does this story have to appear in a British newspaper???  Well, obviously the left does not consider black-n-white crime to be newsworthy.  

But, here is another example.  Meet 20-year-old Sienna Edwards.  She's dead. She was chased off a 14-story balcony by a young mother who was angry that Sienna was giving her three-year-old daughter birthday gifts.  Again, where are Jesse and Al and Obama?  Where is the media?  I guess the left does not consider black-on-black crime to be newsworthy.

This is just a tiny taste of what is going on in this country.  The hypocrisy of the Trayvon Martin story is so massive that I'm going to have to talk about it in small chunks.  I've been commenting about it on other blogs, but I think it's time to let my own readers in on my thoughts.  More later.


Joe said...

This whole thing is a maybe wrongful death case gone completely out of proportion and used to further a race-baiting agenda.

It is really dangerous, too.

Lone Ranger said...

You bet it's dangerous. At this point, anything other than a conviction and a long prison sentence will result in another L.A.-style riot. I was right in the middle of the Rodney King riots and it was not fun.

namaste said...

what joe said.

obama's nothing but a self-promoting opportunist. he could care less about the baby-thugs who look like him, be it trayvon or the wacky kid pictured at the top of this post.

Leticia said...

Two very tragic stories and you hear nothing but silence from the liberal MSM.

It's a scary and terrifying world.

Lone Ranger said...

I just picked two stories at random. This happens every day in the black community. It happens so often that it would be a full time job just keeping track of it. And the self-anointed black "leaders" do nothing about it.

Carol............. said...

"Race-Baiting".......that's exactly what's been going on. Another example of using a "problem" to create more problems but for advancement of a political agenda.

Lone Ranger said...
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Mark said...

Hi, LR! I'm back, and will be posting fresh new blogposts very soon. My wife and I sold our home in Fredericksburg, VA and moved to my hometown of Wichita, KS. We have been here since Wednesday. We have our high speed internet connection back, but my computer is still packed way somewhere in our new house. I am typing this on my wife's computer.

I told you that so I can tell you this:

Here in my hometown of Wichita, back in 2000 a crime now known as the "Wichita Massacre", AKA "Wichita Horror" took place. I was living in Kansas City at the time and never heard about it.


It seems that crimes committed by blacks against whites is not newsworthy, which is why it seems to dovetail with your entry.

Here is the link to the story:

Tonto said...

If Dershowitz is willing to say the charges are a sham you know the whole is joke!