Friday, January 13, 2012

All About Me

Well, not ALL about me.

John Edwards' trial on six felony and misdemeanor counts has been postponed.  His doctor told the judge that Edwards has a serious heart condition.  In related news, John Edwards apparently has a heart.  This is his third postponement.  He's running out of excuses.

Now about me.

I went online just before New Years to pay my health insurance bill. Yes, health care is no longer free for the military or retirees.  And, according to my spellchecker,  health care is two words, not one.  Anyway, I clicked on the PAY button several times, but nothing happened.  Called IT for the site.  He said they "were aware of the problem."  OK. 

SO, a few days after New Years, I tried again.  This time I got a message that my account was locked. After about half an hour of listening to robots, I was finally able to talk to a real person (or so she claimed), who said because I was late paying my bill, I had been dropped.  I would have to reapply.  No problem, what is the link to do that?  Can't do it online.  So, I printed out the forms (five pages) and sent them off.  The last time I sent a letter, stamps cost 32 cents.  FORTY-FOUR CENTS!!  ROBBERY!  No wonder there's talk about doing away with the postal service.

The consequence of this latest annoyance is that if I have to be treated at a military hospital before I am reinstated, I will be billed.  The ultimate consequences have yet to be determined.  Will I just take up where I left off or will I have to start anew?  Will they assign me a new doctor?  Will I have to re-justify all my prescriptions?

And the military is supposed to be the most efficient segment of the government.  Just wait until Obama-care kicks in.

FYI: My Voice on the Wings of Change has  apparently been shut down, so I have unfortunately had to remove her from my short but high-quality blog roll.

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