Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Herman Cain

I hate to say it folks because I like this guy...but he probably did it. As someone who does sexual harassment cases, the only cases where I have seen the boss NOT do it is where there is only one "alleged" victim and she had a mad crush on the boss that went nowhere and she got him back because he did not reciprocate her crush...i.e. Clarence Thomas OR they had an affair goen awry and she got him back with a lawsuit. But REAL sexual harassers never have only ONE victim. That kind of behavior is ingrained into their manhood and its just the way they are wired. It's Christmas everyday with women in the workplace for them. So they will never have just ONE victim. So I am not feeling too good about Cain's chances at this point. I think he is going "bye bye."


Mark said...

I don't think he's guilty. Read Ann Coulter's latest column. Of you want to convince people of a falsehood, get several people to make the claim.

The bigger the lie, told often enough, the more people will believe it.

Mark said...

Where is LR? Is he OK? Do you know?

Tonto said...

I am willing to beleive he is not guiloty because th stories do nt seem to make sense but that is because the company has not given the public the investigation file and without it we will never know. But a sum of less than $100,000.00 is always considered a nuisance value by insurance company and employers so they may have just been crackpots but statistically speaking where there is more than one...he did it.

I don't know. I hope he is not back in the hospital.

Lone Ranger said...

Odd that all these charges come from Chicago, where Cain has never lived, nor worked. Chicago, the base of Obama's reelection campaign. Chicago, whose mayor is Obama's former consigliere, Rahm Emanuel.

If you always stand in opposition to liberalism, you will never be wrong.

namaste said...

i don't believe he did what they're claiming either. i knew nothing about false sexual harassment charges until this past year. i never knew a woman could sink so low as to cause innocent people there livelihood. ugh! but this pond-scummy slug of a woman did just that to three men at my place of work and got paid twice before she was fired. the world is full of liars. it'll probably cost cain his campaign. sucks. but such is life.

Joe said...

I want to believe he did not do those things.

If he did, he is finished in my mind.

It does not make sense that these allegations should surface now, and the stories don't make any sense at all.

Still, for the liberals and much of the general public, allegations equal guilt...unless the accused IS a liberal.

He's going to have a rough road.

For now, he's still my man.

Vigilis said...

"..the company has not given the public the investigation file and without it we will never know...."-Tonto

Decades of investigatorial experiences make me believe otherwise. Perverts almost without exception tend to revert to form.

Despite any number of accusers, the offender eventually proves his own guilt by re-offending.

Bill Clinton appears to me to have been guilty. O.J. still does not.