Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Secret Police Go Digital

The Obama administration has just done the stupidest, most childish thing they have ever done.  They've enlisted the country's army of left-wing squealers to report anything negative said about Obama.

No less than the liberal rag the Washington Post, reported on the backlash.

Better ridicule this fast, before it disappears.


Vigilis said...

The format has wide appeal to Obama's base of young college students.

Not only are they relatively heavy users of social media formats that emphasis rapid transmission of suggestions over less convenient facts, a goodly number of them are political idealists thoroughly comfortable with what Obama says versus the sinister results for which he actually aims.

If I am not mistaken, today's average college student has been identified repeatedly as possessing less education in US history and less maturity than ever before.

Teacher's union must be very proud of this cadre.

KillBuzz said...

We live in a culture of lies, spin and Hyperbole. It's sickening. The crap is all over the place. Fuck you and your bull shit blog.

Jean said...

I've been thoroughly enjoying the ridicule from a vantage point on Twitter.

Jim O'Sullivan said...

What's the prize for being the 100,000th visitor? C'mon. You must have something in mind!

Joe said...

This is horrendous, of course.

Being a very conservative libertarian, I shudder every time the government seeks to "protect" us from ourselves.