Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Day

Well, I got my car back today -- but not without some drama.

The body shop called me Wednesday evening and said I could pick it up, but I was in my recliner with a frosty mug of Coke Zero, two cats on my lap, and O'Reilly was about to start, so I chose to pick it up this morning.  Good thing I did too, because when I put the key in the ignition....nothing.  Battery was dead.  How the "techs" missed this is beyond me. 

So, I was off to Sears to see what was wrong with my warrantied power pack. The battery was bad, so they replaced it at no charge.  I got to bed about 2:30 and am at work with about four hours of sleep.  We'll see how that plays out about five hours from now.

Now I'm relearning how to drive my own car -- things like the key goes in the dash, not in the steering column. And when I step on the gas, the car actually moves forward without having to think about it, the way that Hyundai did. And when I accelerate, I have to hold onto my coffee cup.  That Hyundai had some deep cup holders -- not that it needed them.

I bought one of those "ergonomic" keyboards yesterday -- the kind that are twisted and shaped like something out of a Salvador Dali painting. NOT natural!  So now, I'll be fumbling at home and then fumbling again at work, as I relearn how to type.

Oh, and I added another Talking Point.  Liberals don't think outside the box; they ARE the box.


namaste said...

yay! you got your car back! i hope ginger's eye is feeling better.

Mark said...

See? If you had gone to get your car as soon as they called instead of wasting your time with the cats, the battery would have been charged.