Friday, June 10, 2011

Sarah Is A Good Girl

Looks like the lamestream media's latest effort to trash Sarah Palin has blown up in their faces.

The leftist media forced the state of Alaska to waste time and taxpayer dollars to release 24,199 pages of Sarah's e-mails during her term as governor.  Nothing.  So far, the only bad behavior revealed were the death threats Sarah got from liberals.

You'll notice that article was written by Politico, a liberal site that just got caught fabricating a quote , apparently to drive a wedge between Sarah and Michele Bachmann. 

The media frenzy is downright  comical!

I don't recall the media demand any e-mails from any Democrat running for office.  Once again, The only standards liberals have are double standards.

I also have never seen this much fear and hatred directed at ANY conservative before.  That alone makes Sarah a shoo-in to defeat Obama.



Joe said...

One of the most powerful quotes in her stacks and stacks of email was,"I guess I'd better get back to Juneau for this one."


Especially when placed along side of Weiner's harmless little escapade.

Mark said...

I was thinking Sarah Palin would not be a good candidate for president, but since we now know she is not guilty of any malfeasance, corruption, or immorality of any kind, I am starting to re-think my opinion.

At least we now know the only thing the Democrats have against her are fabricated.