Thursday, June 02, 2011

Can I supersize that for you?

OK, since nobody else has done it, I guess it falls to me. Blogging is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it.

Ohhh, I'd hate to be a democrat named Weiner,
  That is what I'd never want to beee.
  Cause if I were a democrat named Weiner,
Everyone would be out to get meeeee.

So, Anthony Weiner (heh), the most arrogant man in the House, got his tail caught in a crack, so to speak. He ALLEGEDLY sent a picture of his nether-regions to some 21-year-old woman he follows on Twitter.

I don't understand the controversy. A guy takes a picture of himself with a pair of rolled up tube socks stuffed into his little-old-man skivvies, and the entire world erupts. Not that he doesn't deserve it. Karma, baby, Karma.

I know that there is a right to the presumption of innocence in this country, but Weiner (heh) is abusing it, just as he abuses all our rights. Here is why I think he's guilty.

1. A powerful (in his head) Congressman has a crime committed against him and he doesn't want the FBI to investigate it. If I had access to the FBI, I'd have them looking for my lost car keys, just for the coolness of it.

2. What man over the age of 29 follows young women on his Twitter account?

3. Weiner (heh) REFUSES to deny that the picture is of him.

4. Why would a powerful (in his head) Congressman even take a picture of himself with rolled-up tube socks in his little-old-man panties??

5.  Victims of a crime routinely call in the authorities.  They do not hire a lawyer for themselves.

I think this is just the tip of the icicle.  It appears that Weiner (heh) also sent lewd photographs and provocative messages to porn star and stripper Ginger Lee. Yeah, I'm not gonna link to her.

Cynics say Weiner (heh) will escape this scandal because he is an uber-liberal and the corrupt lamestream press will give him a pass. Uh uh. For one reason. At his first press conference, Weiner (heh) called a CNN reporter a "jackass." And since then, he has been talking to the press as if they were children. If there is one thing the arrogant, elitist press despises, it is an arrogant, elitist politician who talks down to them. They are erecting the stake and building the fire as I speak.

But, as usual, Ann Coulter says it better than I can.  I can imagine the howls of laughter coming from her penthouse as she wrote this column.

Weiner.  Heh heh.


Joe said...

Wiener is definately NOT a winner. He is, however, both a hotdog (in his own eyes) and a weener.

His responses are a limp as he is.

I'll bet he can hardly wait for the 2012 erections.

Joe said...

ooops...elections? ooops.

Lone Ranger said...

I had no idea you were part Japanese.

Joe said...

Yeah...but I'm not sayin' which part.

May I use your "25 Immutable Truths About Liberals" in my Friday post?

I think it is time to put them out there again.

I will, of course, refer readers to the source (Your blog).

Joe said...

Make that Saturday.

Lone Ranger said...

Mi "25 Immutable Truths About Liberals" es su "25 Immutable Truths About Liberals."

The reason I wrote them is to distribute them.

Joe said...

Thanks...will do.