Monday, June 06, 2011


So, Weiner finally broke down and told the truth.  Or did he?  He admitted to inappropriate online behavior with several women but said he never had a physical relationship with any of them.  After 10 days of lying to everyone, why should we believe him now?

He said he takes "full responsibility" for what he did.  Really?  What does that mean?  He's not resigning. His wife isn't leaving him (stupid woman).  He's not being fined or penalized in any way.  Responsibility comes with consequences.  Nope, not for democrats.

He says he has not broken any laws or rules, so he shouldn't have to resign.  It's never about morality with democrats.  Democrats broke no laws when they enslaved blacks.  So, it must have been perfectly OK. Democrats are breaking no laws when they rabidly defend abortion.  So, killing babies must be just dandy.

Weiner's defenders say he will pay come election time.  Pffft.  Liberals didn't discard Ted Kennedy when he KILLED A WOMAN!  Liberals didn't toss out Barney Frank when he fixed tickets for his boyfriend -- who was running a prostitution service out of Frank's apartment.  And they didn't react when a later boyfriend grew pot on Frank's property. 

Ah, but if it's a Republican, out come the torches and pitchforks until the guy resigns.  I guess consequences are only for those who have moral standards.

As usual, the only standards democrats have are double standards.



Mark said...

Usually, Republicans who make such mistakes don't wait for the pitchforks and torches. They resign immediately upon discovery of their transgression. And, they resign out of embarrassment and shame and respect for their party.

Wiener won't resign. Pelosi won't do any more than a meaningless censure proposal.

Back to business as usual: Trying to destroy the country.

Joe said...

He expressed "shame," but he did it shamelessly. As do all Democrats, liberals and progressives.

Lone Ranger said...

Pelosi has a stake in this. She actually has delusions about being the Speaker again and Weiner is an albatross around the party's neck.