Thursday, April 28, 2011


Following the release of Obama's birth certificate, Superman has decided to renounce his American citizenship.

Coincidence?  I think not.

This is good news for Muslims.  Imagine how many honor killings Superman could carry out in one day.  He could stone a woman to death with just one stone -- thrown from anywhere in the world, with pinpoint accuracy.

Gone are the days....


Joe said...

Wasn't he an illegal alien to begin with?

Lone Ranger said...

I'm pretty sure our immigration laws apply to people from other countries, not other planets.

I imagine superman renouncing his citizenship would be more complex than just slapping on a beret and foregoing the use of deodorant.

The customs of the world's national differ so greatly that the Man of Steel would only find himself mired in scores of ethical and moral conflicts. Thus, the honor killings.

Superman is actually TWO people. What does Clark Kent do? Does he also do the deed?

At any rate, Superman was once declared an honorary citizen of every country in the world, so the entire issue is moot. He is already a citizen of the world (although I hear he is playing down his Irish ties).

Joe said...

"I'm pretty sure our immigration laws apply to people from other countries, not other planets."

Well, I'm pretty sure our immigration laws apply only to whomever President BO wants them to apply, when he wants them to apply.

I haven't noticed them applying very much lately.

Who knows how many other illegal aliens from other planets now dwell on Earth?

President BO might be one.

Lone Ranger said...

We'll find out when Men in Black III comes out next year.