Saturday, January 08, 2011


What Joe said.

I spent the month of December learning a new software system. Now, instead of just writing a story, I can access all sorts of feeds to edit audio for radio and video for TV and add them to a story. In other words, a story that used to take just 10 minutes to write, now takes 30 minutes to produce. Wonderful. But I'm confident enough in my prowess to cancel my job interview as a Wal*Mart greeter.

I gave myself an XBox 360 for Christmas. I haven't played any games, but for $8 a month, I can watch all the movies I want on my big screen from Netflix. No annoying CDs in the mail. I also scored an electric t-shirt, a Sarah Palin bobblehead, and a fondue pot -- you know, for all those dinner parties I throw.

I'm still having computer problems at home, so my blogging might be spotty. Being burned out on politics might have something to do with it too.I'll try to resolve that next week (the computer, not the burnout). I also have to resolve an issue with my car navigation system. The screen suddenly decided to stick inside the console. Wonder how much that will cost.  I spent around $5,000 on my car last week, including new tires and other repairs.

But, enough about me.

Oops, and I got a belt buckle.

I am SO cool!

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