Sunday, November 07, 2010



Ah, what child wouldn't want to see this first thing Christmas morning?

I found this on a shelf at Andrews AFB this week.

What is wrong with this picture?

Santa is not an African.  He is a white European, with a fluffy white beard. And in a disturbing trend I've seen in malls for the last several years, Santa is not Asian and particularly, Santa is not a woman -- no matter how butch that woman looks.

Why do people do this?  I can understand admiring other cultures and practicing their traditions and enjoying their food, music, dress, etc., but you should conform with the culture, not expect that culture to conform to yours.  Every time I see a vendor selling one of those paintings of an African Jesus, I'm tempted to ask if they have one of a white Martin Luther King Jr..  Jesus was not a sub-Sarahan African.  He was a Mediterranean Jew.  And, he most likely looked something like this.

And, for nearly 2,0000 years, Western culture has portrayed Jesus as European.

I believe this silliness is just one of the many things that keeps racism alive.  Whose culture is so weak that they must "borrow" from others?


Linda said...

Very interesting post. I'm going to come back and read the articles when I have more time.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Joe said...

Well, I doubt that Jesus had that Neanderthalesque, blank look on His face, but he was most assuredly a Middle Eeastern Jew and not European.

Cathy said...

Completely off topic, Kimosabe. My apologies. I had to come by and read your 25 Immutable Truths About Liberals as an affirmation. I just had the most ridiculous "debate" with a genuine liberal....

Number 2, 4 & 6... I must always remember number 2, 4 & 6 and 9 and 23.. who am I kidding. I am going to print the list and post them at my desk.


Lone Ranger said...

The 25 Truths are meant to profile liberals so you know what to expect. They shouldn't be used as an argument, but maybe to cap the debate if you know you have made a point. More useful are the talking points. For instance, if you tell a liberal that,"Paternalism is the purest form of racism," suddenly all his bleeding heart concern for minorities is shown in a whole new light.