Saturday, October 02, 2010

Update on ME

First of all, Ginger looks like she has fully recovered from her stroke. She has regained her jumping abilities, no longer hides in the closet, sleeps on the bed and enjoys sleeping in the top level of the cat tree.  Of course, I don't know if she's lost any math or language skills, but I hope this never happens again.

As for my health, it looks like this abdominal pain is going to work out like my broken ankle.  Since last month, I've had five blood tests and two CT scans.  I've been fasting more than a Hindu holy man and they are still no closer to knowing what's ailing me. Patient heal thyself.

I got to work tonight and found a new, 18-inch flat-screen computer monitor on my desk.  Work, schmerk, the first thing I did was sign on to Xfinity and test it with a movie.  I now have a big-screen TV at work.

Tony Curtis died Friday.  I mention that only because when Eddie Fisher died last week, the first thing that popped into my head was, 'Hmmm, can Tony Curtis be far behind?"   I don't know why. Coincidence or psychic insight?  You be the judge.

Aaaand, that's my life for the past week or so.  Pretty pathetic, when you think about it.


Trader Rick said...

It's becasue they both had long eyelashes.

Lone Ranger said...

That's just great. So do I.

Jim O said...

Hey! Things could be worse!

Joe said...

Psychic insight.