Saturday, October 02, 2010


Well, the HUGE "One Nation Working Together" rally held on the mall today was a bust.  The story didn't even make it into our lineup.  The Associated Press tried to put a good face on it, describing it as "a raucous crowd of thousands."  Not hundreds of thousands.  Not tens of thousands.  Thousands.  That pretty much describes the National Mall on any weekend.



The Washington Post put the crowd at 125,000.  Does that look like 125,000 people?

It took 400 left-wing organizations, including the Communist Party USA, SEIU and Code Pink to pull together thousands of raucous people.  Of course, every group had their own agenda.  Perhaps that's why the people were raucous. As I've said before, the liberal Big Tent is a circus tent, where every freak has his own little sideshow.

Here's one group of freaks chanting, "Obama ain't no socialist. We are! We are!

The dems are in BIG trouble next month.  I can hardly wait to see the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally on Halloween eve.  Every drug dealer within a hundred miles will be at that one. I hope most of the people wear costumes.  Lots of leather and dog collars.  That will look GREAT on FNC just three days before the election.

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