Thursday, October 07, 2010

Beer Review

I don't drink, but once in a great while I satisfy my curiosity by sampling the local adult beverage.  For instance, when I was in the Azores, local wine; Korea, soju; Japan, sake, etc.

I was watching the Discovery channel, or one of those other channels that makes PBS irrelevant and they were talking about the history of brewing beer.  It seems that there is a 2,700-year-old recipe that was discovered in the tomb of King Midas, who, by golly,was a real king.

It's called Midas Touch and is brewed by an outfit called Dogfish Head. So, I went to a place in Arlington that claims to have 1,000 beers on its shelves and actually found some of this stuff.  It is made with barley, honey, white muscat grapes and saffron.  The description says:
Somewhere between wine & mead; this smooth, sweet, yet dry ale will please the Chardonnay or beer drinker alike.
I had a bottle and it tastes like -- drum roll -- beer.

Well, what kind of beer review did you expect from someone who doesn't drink?

And after that, I took a nap.


Vigilis said...

Lone Ranger, you missed thebest beer they had.

Lone Ranger said...

Just when you thought it was safe to go out -- along comes CHICHA!