Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tree Huggers Want to Kill You!

Proof again that environmentalists don't have the SLIGHTEST clue what they're doing.

It seems that reusable grocery bags can make you sick.  It's scientific.
They are good for the environment, but reusable grocery bags are also a breeding ground for bacteria.


Mark said...

Every time Liberals try to "fix" a "threat" to Mother Earth, they end up making the problem much worse.

Look at all the deaths resulting directly from Rachel Carson's fear mongering book about the harmless chemical, DDT.

Vigilis said...

Merely a down-to-earth version of our costly ex-Space Shuttle fiasco (tile adhesion): both involved environmentally correct solutions; to suspicious problems; both have been doomed to premature extinction by morbid side effects!
What next - grocery bags made with antiseptics? CDC, standby!

Tree huggers may wish to donate their own cremains as a fertilizer for the plants of their dreams. Will their ashes be superior, however, to forests of shredded paper literaly wasted on printing their retrogressive regulations, counterproductive theories, and economically flawed rationales?

Someone needs to apply for a $10-million federal grant to find out.
Of course, the grantee will need a steady supply of deceased tree hugger remains. Hmmm!

Joe said...

Vigilis: I have always wondered whether the wild and wooley, tree huggin' human hating enrironphobics would volunteer to help decrease the surplus population.

Trader Rick said...

Mark, DDT was NOT harmless....

Fredd said...

In general, tree huggers are completely nuts, and have no sense of reality.

This latest idiocy smecks of Sheryl Crow's suggestion that we all just use one sheet of toilet paper after our morning constitutions.

I could go on, but I won't.