Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Thank God! I can use paper towels again!

First, I cannot believe Newsweek is where this article, "The Earth Doesn't care what is done to it or for it." was published. Second, I am thrilled to know I no longer have to hide my paper towels when my "certain" friends come over, and now I can tell them to stay away from my Ziploc bags too! I mean read this article...this is blasphemy in some circles...please tell me this is the beginning of no more Al Gore.
Buy a hybrid, turn off your air conditioner, unplug your refrigerator, yank your phone charger from the wall socket—such actions will “leave the end result exactly the same.” Someday, all the fossil fuels that used to be in the ground will be burned. After that, in about a millennium, the earth will dissolve most of the resulting carbon dioxide into the oceans. (The oceans have dissolved in them “40 times more carbon than the atmosphere contains, a total of 30 trillion tons, or 30 times the world’s coal reserves.”) The dissolving will leave the concentration in the atmosphere only slightly higher than today’s. Then “over tens of millennia, or perhaps hundreds” the earth will transfer the excess carbon dioxide into its rocks, “eventually returning levels in the sea and air to what they were before humans arrived on the scene.” This will take an eternity as humans reckon, but a blink in geologic time.


Joe said...

I have been a closet paper towel user all along. In fact, I cleaned my closet with paper towels.

Then I put the paper towels in a Zip-Lock bag and threw them all into the REGULAR garbage!

Is there really a possibility that this environmentaphobia on the part of the left is going to come to an end?

Tonto said...

Joe - i have friends who would have to look away reading your comment! The senseless death of those paper towels.

However, I am right there with you Joe.

Mark said...

I've known for years what George Will is just now pointing out. All it takes to know these things is common sense.

I throw plastic bottles and aluminum cans into garbage cans. I don't recycle unless it makes me money.