Friday, September 24, 2010

Suicide by A Thousand Cuts

Democrats seem determined to destroy themselves day by day, cut by cut. Every day, it's something else.

This week, the dems voted to postpone a vote on extending the Bush tax cuts until after the election.  The fear was that Republicans would vote to extend all the tax cuts, not just those to the middle-class.  What?  Bush cut taxes on the middle-class?  Haven't democrats been telling us for a decade that Bush's tax cuts were only for the rich??  You mean liberals have been LYING to us all this time?

And today, we had a date which will live in infamy -- "comedian" Stephen Colbert "testified" before a House panel hearing on farm jobs and illegal immigrants. What were they THINKING?

This was more than awkward and embarrassing, it was AGONIZING to watch!  Again, what were they THINKING?

Illegal immigration and migrant working conditions are some of the most important issues facing this country. Colbert mocked the problems in the most offensive ways imaginable.  The race-baiters on the left would have had a field day had a REAL conservative said any of those things.  But Colbert isn't a conservative, he just plays one on TV. 

Even the normally compliant DC press corps were offended.  Although the lamestream media will try to forget this tomorrow, I'm hoping this story sticks around for awhile.  Should be interesting to see if the perpetually-offended race hucksters on the left will take this up as a cause or will ignore it.

As for me....

And yes, I had to look it up.  Why?  WHY!!!

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