Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Isn't it a hoot that Christine [She's no Sarah Palin] O'Donnell won? She actually does remind me of a cheerleader though. Heck! - a high school cheerleader cannot do worse than what we have in office now. So why not? I mean Delaware was likely the longshot even if Castle had won instead anyway. I just love it because if O'Donnell's win says or accomplishes only one thing - it tells the Republican party - We're Here! We're getting Near! So you better get used to it because ticked off regular folks have nothing better to do than vote you out of office.


Midnight Golfer said...

"It must be getting near tea-time." - Samwise Gamgee

Frodo was chosen as the official ring-bearer, but near the end, not even he could be trusted on his own, so Samwise (the true, unofficial, hero of the tale) came up to support him in his quest to prevent the corrupting influence of too much power from falling into to the wrong hands, when all he really wanted to do was get back to the garden.

The GOP will always be the official, real party, but right now it needs some help. Not that there really is such title as a real "TEA Party Candidate" - just the ones who benefit from being the most similar to the Americans who actually still love America.

Trader Rick said...

no rinos!!!

Joe said...

Republicans across the board had better sit up, take notice and determine where they stand (a tough job for a politician in the best of circumstances). Their commitment to "Republicanism" has been tepid, and those who remain tepid will soon be out of the water completely.