Thursday, August 05, 2010

You know...racists are the cause of all our problems

You know how they say religion is cause of all the wars in history! Well Racism is the cause of all the problems we have in the U.S. I am venting right now about the overturning of PROP 8 yesterday. Truthfully I always knew it would be overturned but I am saddended at the process in which it had to take. People think it is SOOOOO wonderful that the court steps in and gives you (the invidual or the minority group) whatever it is you want without having to deal with the "stupid" public opinion denying whatever it is that you want. This "going to the court for whatever you can't get from the majority" - of course became the force de jeur during CIVIL RIGHTS...because of the stupid racists. If the stupid racists had taken those stupid JIM CROW laws off the books - decisions like in Loving v. Virginia and Brown v. Board wouldn't be necessary...which leads the court getting to overturn a law voted by the majority like yesterday. We needed a judge to tell us these decisions?? We couldn't do this on our own as a majority? If Dr. King had more time to win over the hearts and minds of the people - I guess - as was his initial objective - we wouldn't have needed to go to the courts. Because what people don't seem to understand from where I am sitting is every time you let the court make these decisions we lose a little bit more of our ability to govern ourselves. We now have no control over - for instance - who can ever marry whom! By the time my son is ready to marry - God Help Us who wants to get married next that cannot. It's not that I am for or against gay people marrying. I am AGAINST the majority not making this decision for themselves. I am against that we cannot compromise as a majority and instead leaving Solomon to cut the baby in half - because WE could not get it together and do this on our own!! Black people couldn't wait for the public to come around and it's embarassing we needed a judge to tell us any person can marry any color you want (i.e. Loving v. Virginia) and go to the same school as white kids regardless of color (i.e. Brown v. Board). We had to have a COURT tell us that!!! Whoever authored the "Jim Crow" laws I hope is burning somewhere because this really messed it all up. Well the byproduct of all this - of course - is a now any group disenfranchised WILL get the same treatment and we will just have to sit and let it happen won't help us NOW. I wish we had worked this out before the court had to step in. The court system is not this great thing we all think it is. I am sad because these STUPID racists 50 years ago couldn't get their act together and crawl back under a rock and we apparently didn't jump at the chance to fix it at the polls either so we now have court decisions that lay the groundwork for taking away more of our rights as a majority to vote OR not vote laws into being....hence yesterday's decision....the opinion cites all the oldie but goodie decisions. Why couldn't we have compromised? It bothered me at first at the thought that the only way this could work is the clergy in this country could no longer serve as a state agent and marry people because if they refuse to marry gay people they would be forbidden. I am over it. I will take a civil union for all and religious people (which includes me) can go marry in their church. INSTEAD - Now we have laid further groundwork limiting the majority to HAVE NO SAY about the freedom of association and freedom to marry....what I mean is it will just get harder and harder for the majority. The court now gets to tell us that GENDER doesn't matter, which will lead to numbers don't matter, age,'s exaggeration but it is still true. I don't want the court telling me anything. As a lawyer I do not think they are the great bastion of common sense that many people think. But I go back to my original point. Racism and slavery in this country and our inability to get it together and throw out stupid rules BEFORE the court got involved is the reason for this mess and overturning PROP 8 is Exhibit A of a "slippery slope" at work!! Thanks, Racists. Great Job!


Lone Ranger said...

One judge overturns the will of 7,000,000 people. And a homosexual judge at that. No conflict of interest there.

That's how democrats operate. Democrats hate democracy. If they lose on a referendum, they will be camped out on the doorstep of a liberal judge the next morning to have the will of the people overturned. If you beat a democrat in an election, you'd better do it by a WIDE margin, or they will trot out the dead vote (JFK) or the felon vote (Al Franken) and end up "winning" after endless recounts.

There's no such thing as an honest liberal.

Tonto said...

I didn't realize the judge was gay!!!

Lone Ranger said...

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Just an Average Guy said...

Excellent points! It is very frustrating each time something that we have voted on is turned down by a small group of activists. It is getting very commonplace in California. The only thing that really scares me is listening to people tell me that they are giving up on voting because they feel it is useless. It is time to redouble our efforts or things will really get miserable. Get out and become involved in the grassroots political arena in your area. Thanks for the great post.