Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Two-fer

We live in interesting times.

September will see not only one ethics trial of a prominent democrat, but TWO!  I'd say Christmas is coming early this year, but some stores have already decked their halls.

Charlie Rangel is the perfect poster child for term limits.  I have absolutely nothing bad to say about his early life.  He came from an abusive, broken home; he is a true war hero, unlike many democrats who pad their resumes with lies about military service; he was was at the forefront of the civil rights movement.  But lately, his train has swerved into Lala Land.

His comparison of President Bush to Ku Klux Klan leader Bull Connor (a democrat) during an interview with Rush Limbaugh made waves in September of 2005. His profanity-laced comments about Vice President Dick Cheney in 2006 also earned him negative press. In October of 2007, he made derogatory comments about the multiple marriages of Rudolph Giuliani and Mormonism during a CNN interview.

Rangel  is clearly guilty of ethics violations and probably of breaking tax laws, but democrats don't seem to get into trouble for "forgetting" to pay taxes.  Despite this, the 80-year-old has chosen to undergo a trial.  It has already been announced that he will get a "reprimand," the weakest punishment the House can impose.  Barack Obama, who is gaining the reputation of having the quickest trigger finger in the country, has already said Rangel should end his career with dignity.  End his career?  Rangel is running for a 21st term!  He has no intention of ending his career, with or without dignity. He has been in power so long that he truly does not believe that he has done anything wrong.  He thinks he is entitled to skirt the law, just as one of the perks of power. 

And then we have Maxine Waters.  Unlike Rangel, I have NOTHING good to say about this race baiter.  Her trial is going to be a three-ring circus in which she will claim that allegations that she used her influence to financially benefit her husband are pure racism. You might recall that during the L.A. riots, (the most recent L.A. riots), she could be seen screaming at the mob, "NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!!"  Remember her slip of the tongue, when she threatened to "socialize" the oil companies?

It promises to be a very interesting September.  And an even more interesting November.

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