Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Be an American

I haven't seen the left in such high drama queen mode since GW got reelected.  They are tryng to dismiss the half-million or so people who showed up for Glenn Becks' rally Saturday as irrelevant, while at the same time, calling Beck the most dangerous man in the country.  They are even calling the TEA Partiers "un-American."

Calling people who want to protect the Constitution and limit the power of government "un-American?  What kind of bizarre thinking is THAT?  So, I thought I'd make a small list to show liberals just what it takes to be an American.

1.  Trust in God.

2.  Revere our Founding Fathers and the founding documents.

3.  Stop envying those who are better off than you (fat cats).

4.  Stop sneering at those who are not better off then you (rednecks).
5.  Stop hating and smearing people simply because they do not believe what you believe (Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin).

6.  Instead of searching for the bad in your country, look at the good.

7.  Stop searching for the good in socialism and look at the bad.

8.  Give your time and money to worthwhile charities.

9.  Admit that there are people who are better than you and respect them.

10.  Do not fear patriotism.


Mark said...

Beck IS the most dangerous man in America if you're a Lib. They always fear high morals, high patriotism, and high intelligence.

Lone Ranger said...

Who knows, he might be The One we've been waiting for. I mean, he is the only person in publishing history to have five books on the NY Times best seller list at one time. With his latest novel, it could be six.

Tonto said...

I have to say I can't believe his success either but goes to show the messenger may be odd - former drunk with a sad life now Mormon with bodyguards and a jet - but his MESSAGE is dead on.

Joe said...

Beck has NEVER been one of my favortie people, but he has been a powerful unifying force in the conservative movement, and for that I give him kudos galore!