Tuesday, August 03, 2010

First pass it, then we'll see what's in it.

Well, now we know what's in Obamacare.  What we don't know is what it means.

Take a look at this chart in PDF.  You can enlarge it to read it.  The patient is in the lower right corner.  

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Vigilis said...

"The patient is in the lower right corner."

Remind us, LR, in which portions of any newspaper's front page are the most significant stories printed?

Also, how about the relative importance of items "below the fold", where the chart places physicians and patients?

"What we don't know is what it means."
Not to worry, millions of lawyers will be litigating to unravel this byzantine nightmare (transparent healthcare policy) than in the short term means whatever a supervisor whispers to a bureaucrat that it should mean.

Someone in the administration will eventually slip up and admit Obama's health care is meant to be administered on a case-by-case basis. Some will be punished by it (wonder who), and some will benefit beyond all belief.

It will not be long before potential organ donors will be screened for favored recipients
and allowed to expire just in time for optimum organ harvesting.

Nancy Pelosi is certain to get a new heart, most likely Sarah Palin's.