Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't Try to Fly Below My Gaydar

I haven't flown since 1992, when I returned from my last overseas assignment in the Air Force. I didn't mean for it to be my last overseas assignment, but then Clinton got elected and I ran for the exit.

I digress.

I would rather drive for four days (my average time from DC to L.A.) than endure four hours of abuse by jerks like this -- a jerk our idiot youth have decided to make into a national folk hero.

I blame the public schools.

But, I digress.

When I first caught a glimpse of Slater, my gaydar went BlipBlipBlipBlipBlip! True, he had an ex-wife. But she had nothing but praise for him. How often does THAT happen??

The second clue was that he grabbed two beers before sliding down the escape chute rather than two wine coolers.

It's a burden being right 100% of the time.


Trader Rick said...

He is a hero, whether he's Gay or not...Everybody who's ever had to deal with serving the public can relate. Most of us don't have the option to quit our jobs as dramatically and joyously as he did, due to responsibilities. But he is our dream come true.Keep the dream alive!! Go Gatuh!!

Joe said...

Well, get used to it. We all have our burdens to bear. I must say, though, as I share the same burden, it is heavy, indeed.

Jean said...

I'll do almost anything to avoid flying. I committed to it after I retired from the Air Force a little over two years ago, and the only thing I've flown for was my grandmother's funeral. For everything else, I've driven or taken the train. Amtrak has some good options -- we'll be doing that again.

I've never had any specific problems with TSA personnel, only the bizarre, ludicrous, and ever-changing regulations they are tasked to enforce. I'm sure that's largely what's killing the airline industry, but I won't endure that treatment willingly. I don't believe it increases our flying safety enough to make it worthwhile -- especially since everything is reactionary in nature. Someone will always find a way around it -- even if we flew naked and subjected ourselves to full body cavity searches, SOMEBODY would find a way around it.

Rob said...

He is no hero. I have served the public for nearly 20 years and I have had plenty of near breakdowns but it never came to that. The measure of a professional dignified person is seeing the opportunity as this jerk did and NOT taking it. Sure there are many customers who deserve to be unloaded on but that is where the collective mindset has gone to Hell in our time. If it were coming to that for him he should have drafted a letter of resignation when the plane landed and quit. Instead he not merely insulted a common flyer (whether or not they deserved it) but he insulted a company that employed him for the past 28 years. He showed them no respect, no gratitude, no dignity. I'm sick and tired of this "reality show" world that we are now living in. He is no hero. He is no rock star. He deserves nothing less than to be treated like the jerk that he is.

Mark said...

Just saw the video. Man, that guy is as queer as a three dollar bill.

I work in customer service. Customers can be very trying on one's patience, but a mature person would know how to handle them with grace. This guy has no standards. At all.

Bet he's a Liberal, too. No standards, no morals, and no class. Yep, he's a Lib.