Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roll Reversal

It looks like Europeans are finally catching on. At the G-8 summit in Canada, our Dear Herder (Obama is not a leader, he is a herder. He pushes his flock in directions they do not want to go.) stood alone in urging more government spending to stimulate economies. European countries, seeing themselves sinking deeper and deeper into debt, are finally waking up to the fact that spending is the LAST thing you should do when you are already over-budget. And now, we have this news from the UK.
Doctors are to be given sole responsibility for overseeing front-line care to patients under Coalition plans described as the biggest revolution in the NHS since its foundation 60 years ago.
Once again, our Dear Herder is pushing the country into exactly the wrong direction.
The plan, contained in a white paper to be published next week, is designed to place key decisions about how patients are cared for in the hands of doctors who know them. Tens of thousands of administrative jobs in the health service will be lost as a result.
There you go. That last sentence tells you all you need to know about government. Just this ONE reform will eliminate "tens of thousands" of bureaucrats. I told you that so I could tell you this. Every dollar that is taken out of the economy through taxes is a dollar that cannot be saved, spent, invested, or used to hire and pay people. Government is not a stimulator of the economy, it is a parasite. A government job is actually an anti-job. Every person who has a government job is paid with tax dollars. Those tax dollars were taken out of the economy. And as we recently learned, the average government employee makes far more in pay and benefits than his private sector counterpart. Government employees usually produce nothing. They don't make the cars you drive or grow the food you eat. All they manufacture is headaches and tons and tons of paperwork and regulations that cost the economy even more in compliance efforts. Unless ALL of Obama's European-style socialist programs are either repealed or defunded, our way of life and standard of living will change forever. I hope the Republicans are up to it. The TEA party movement is going to have to remain diligent for decades and decades to bring this country back to its former glory.

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