Sunday, June 06, 2010

Jews: Get the Hell Out of Israel

Was Helen Thomas speaking as an Arab or as a liberal? They both hate Jews. By the way, there is no truth to the rumor that Helen was Muhammad's eight-year-old wife. There's no use calling for her resignation. Old liberals never retire, they just die in office.


Vigilis said...

LR, another way to characterize Helen Thomas's view is that liberals largely share the un-nuanced opinion of a nearly ninety year-old, press dinosaur.

How could the left-wing ever be wrong with the support of such a remarkably astute, sophisticated, and intelligent role model?

Helen tends to prove liberal critical thinking involves, at most, connecting two dots for the masses with all other things assumed unchanged
(and therefore neither mentioned nor considered).

Liberal leaders, accomplished in Machiavellian schemes, sell such visions as short-term goals for a more just world. Such foolishness is dangerously flawed.

Before pointing fingers at Israel, we may wish to consider what we want our US forces to do the day another ship of protestors arrives in an American port.

Mark said...

There I was, sitting here, enjoying my breakfast perusing the blogs, and I find this.

What a nincompoop!