Tuesday, June 29, 2010

General Confusion

SO. General McChrystal is out and General Petraeus is in. How'd THAT happen? First of all, let's keep in mind that McChrystal is a liberal. In fact, he's so liberal that he suffers from Fox News Derangement Syndrome. He would not permit Fox News to be shown on his office TV. McChrystal voted for Obama and was Obama's hand-picked guy to head the war in Afghanistan. And, it seems that he was all-too willing to follow rules of engagement that were apparently devised by Pippi Longstocking. Troops say his top priority was avoiding collateral damage. That should be a consideration, not a priority. As for what happened with Rolling Stone magazine, we might never find out. Maybe McChrystal trusted the magazine because it is liberal. Maybe McChrystal wanted to get out of Afghanistan and allowed the situation to happen. He did not make any disparaging remarks himself. It's hard to believe that he was too stupid to know what was going on. Senior officers have an inbred distrust of journalists of any kind. I consider this just another failed Obama appointment. The president threw General McChrystal under the bus and did what he should have done in the first place -- choose the right man for the right job. This could be a first for his administration. And now, it's Pretaeus' turn. He did not have to take this job. So, Obama owes him bigtime. I'm guessing the Ditherer-in-Chief won't refuse many of the general's requests. As for his Senate confirmation, the liberals who once piled on when Betrayus was appointed by president Bush to lead the surge in Iraq, now think Obama is BRILLIANT for appointing him. Go figure.


Mark said...

I may have not heard him right, but during the confirmation session, I'm pretty sure I heard Petraeus say his top priority is collateral damage, also.

But, yeah, you're right. All of a sudden the Dems love Petraeus.

So, would it be a good thing or a bad thing if Petraeus won this war under Obama?

Lone Ranger said...

I'm not sure this war is winnable by anyone. Afghanistan is not a country, it's a snakepit. The artificial government we set up is corrupt to the core. We are trying to turn a bunch of 7th century barbarians into civilized people and they want no part of it.

Of course, if Petraeus does win it, Obama will take full credit.

Mark said...

Michael Steele said something like that and now the GOP is calling for his resignation.