Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Elderly Liberals Heckle Nancy Pelosi

This is the funniest story I've read in quite awhile.

For 17 months, anger at President Obama and congressional Democrats has been pooling on the left. On Tuesday morning, it spilled onto the floor of an Omni Shoreham ballroom and splashed all over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The celebrated San Francisco liberal took the stage to greet what should have been a friendly audience: the annual gathering of progressive activists organized by the Campaign for America's Future.

Instead, Pelosi was eaten by her own.

Imagine that. Queen Nancy heckled.

This is too funny. Liberals always choke on their their own medicine -- that is if Obamacare will cover that medicine. As long as OTHER people are hurt by "progressive" policies, well change sometimes hurts. But when liberals stand to get hurt, it's another story entirely.

And for Queen Pelosi to be heckled -- well, that must have given her nightmares. Not only was she lowered to speaking to commoners, they spoke BACK! AAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Bodyguards rushed forward and formed a six-person ring around Pelosi and the lectern. Leaders of the conference tried to take the speaker backstage until the disturbance could be quelled, but she brushed them off: "I'm not leaving. I'm not leaving," she said. "You have made your point. I'm going to give my speech over your voices."
One of the body guards urged her to leave, saying, "they're starting to throw things." I mean how hard could they throw? They're OLD! (I can say that because I'll be 61 on Sunday.)

I always say that liberals get older but they never get smarter. This group seems to have seen the light -- even though it may be at the end of the tunnel.


Cathy said...

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Thanks for sharing that one!! LOVE IT!!

Mark said...

Happy Birthday, My friend (I'm not far behind you).