Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Perfect Tar Baby

The Republicans have just come up with a program that is bound to be entertaining. If you go to the Republican whip site, you can vote once a week for a program you would like to see cut. Then, the Republicans will take it to the floor of the House each week and force an up or down vote. Of course, the democrats have absolutely no interest in cutting spending, so they will vote it down every time. That will give Republicans the excuse to go into full drama-queen mode and wipe up the floor with them. Showboating? Maybe so. But showboating is how Obama won an election. I found it difficult to decide which program to cut, since they are all so cut-worthy.


Mark said...

Good idea. I voted for item 4.

Vigilis said...

Excellent! Thank you for sharing, LR.

For years I have dreamed of the day when voters could express their desire to fund government spending programs on our tax returns Optional Schedule "N' (as in iNput).

Now, cantor has taken the first step, and married the web to direct voter feedback. If enough public support for his great idea actually emerges, step #2 seems inevitable as both Republicans and Democratics (plural of Democratic) will compete to please voters.

As an independent voter, this has been long overdue in my humble opinion.