Monday, April 05, 2010

True Story...Happened to me last week

HERE IS A LIFE LESSON....about a knock at the door.... LOL!! Okay its 9 p.m. on a Wednesday night. My 4 year old is in his Pjs so am I and so is my husband. We are shutting down the house...the lights - the TV -closing the windows etc....we are going to bed. When there is a knock at the door...a mid 30s woman in jeans and t shirt and clipboard is standing there and says "I am not selling you anything. I have just been in your neighborhood selling alarm sysytems and I gotta use the bathroom would you mind?" Taken off guard and thinking a 30 second pee stop wasn't such a big deal - My husband lets her in. I am standing at the door with my 4 year old son too. She passes us and goes in...and then stays in there............and stays in there and stays in there....AND 25 MINUTES LATER......she comes out and my entire house WREAKS of a stench so foul...even my 4 year old said "why is that lady in my bathroom MOM"...."something stinks MOM." We didn't know what to do...I was just about to knock on the door thinking she was doing drugs in there but as I entered the hallway I could smell it so I just retreated and went back to wait by the front door with my son and my husband. We were standing at our own front door frozen... CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS!!! As she leaves she says "Thanks a lot that was great have a good night!" and leaves with us 3 standing at the door in our PJS lights off and wondering what the heck just happened here? So I guess I now know the phrase...when you gotta go you gotta go...means you gotta go! :)


Lone Ranger said...

I always answer the door with a gun on my hip. Don't know how it could have helped in this case.

Joe said...

Sounds like what was needed was a large cork.