Monday, February 22, 2010

What's not to love about Big Government?

I was just bated on Facebook to provide the Republican defense to this opinion piece by Paul Krugman at the NY TIMES that BIG GOVERNMENT is just the cost of staying afloat in this day and age! Conservatives should just stop fighting it and Republicans are just lying to us about trying to shrink government anyway. Anyone got a short response I can steal. It's a busy Monday.


Trader Rick said...

How about "republicans may be scum, but at least they're not commie scum like you and your democrat pals, you bloviated loser."

What does "bated" mean?

Tonto said...

Thanks Trader Rick. "Bated" means taunt or insult me into it.

Mark said...

Responding to any Liberal comment is like pushing a rope. Uphill.

Refer to LR's list of truths about Liberals, and ignore it.

Janelle said...

Liberals have double standards, otherwise, they would have no standards.

Uncle Walt said...

Actually you were "baited"

Uncle Walt said...

No surprise here, I agree with Paul Krugman.

It has been a Republican/Conservative mantra since Reagan to cut taxes and complain about spending. The last time there was a Republican administration and a Republican Congress, they (you guessed it) cut taxes AND RAISED spending.

Now we have a Democratic President and a Democratic Congress and what are they doing. Proposing to raise taxes on the weathiest and proposing to PAY FOR THEIR PROGRAMS. George Bush and the Republicans pushed through Medicare Part D but made no attempt to pay for it. Barack Obama is trying to reform health care and the bills in front of congress do not increase our debt.

Democrats are reinstating something Bush and Republicans let expire, a concept called Pay as you Go. Soemthing that helped during the Clinton years (remember those horrible years where we raised taxes AND created 20 million new jobs) to actually balance the budget.

Its funny to hear conservatives/Republicans talk about fiscal discipline since they have consistently refused to exercise any.

It would be nice if Republicans would stop lying.

I am not holding my breath.

Lone Ranger said...

Liberalism is dead. The movement has been hijacked by some kind of capitalist-hating, Christian-hating, Jew-hating, conservative-hating family-hating, freedom-hating mutant movement that I can't begin to describe. I just use "liberal" as a matter of convenience.

As for Republican lies, yeah, democrats NEVER lie.

I believe Immutable Truths About Liberals #17 applies here.