Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Pretty Good Day

So, I took Sarah and Willow in for their distemper and rabies shots this morning. While I was there, I mentioned that I was going to Applebee's for a free lunch. One of the young vet techs said, "I think you're awsome, Mr. ______." I told her, "I get that a lot -- from women who are young enough to be my daughter." Got to Applebee's and the line was out the door -- into the cold rain. I waited about half an hour in the rain and another half hour inside. The vets worked out a system. We passed WWII vets to the head of the line followed by Korean vets and the Vietnam vets. After that, it was every man for himself. As I was standing in line, some old guy came up to me and gave me a 1957 Eisenhower silver dollar. He said, "I think every vet should have a souvenir." Don't know why he came up to me. Maybe it was my Stargate Command flight jacket. The meal was OK. I make a better steak and I make WAY better coleslaw. But seeing and listening to all the people made the wait worthwhile. On my way out, I gave the silver dollar to a WWII WAVE. That was quite an honor. Yup. A pretty good day.


Cyndi L said...

As always, thank you for serving!

Tonto said...

Would you ever be willing to post a picture of yourself "back in the day" in your uniform?

BTW - What's it like to have fans? :)

Jean said...

Thanks for your service.

Great idea to pass the senior vets to the head of the line.

I was in Madison, WI, last year and my mom and I ate at Applebee's. No lines there, but I appreciate Applebee's commitment to vets on this day.

Mark said...

Hugh Hefner has three girlfriends, all young enough to be his granddaughters.

My father-in-law refused to let me take him to Applebees. He insisted he isn't "special".

I know most vets feel the same way. I guess that's why I respect them (and you) so much.

As I say, that attitude alone makes them special.

Trader Rick said...

We waited in the rain as well, but only for about 15 minutes. Our steaks were cooked to perfection and served hot! Really great!!!