Monday, November 23, 2009

Burkha Barbie

Read here. How the makers of Barbie thought this was a good way to mark 50 YEARS of Barbie!?


Cyndi L said...

They've just got to be kidding. Since when is the burkha "traditional dress"? Oh yeah, I remember...since I bunch of crazy people took control of the culture.

Lady Vi said...

Give me a break! Unbelievable!!!

Lone Ranger said...

I wonder if it comes with a little bag of rocks for stoning -- or maybe a tiny knife for honor killing.

That bare-faced one in the middle is just ASKING for it!

Trader Rick said...

Does the Ken doll come with a detachable head?

Jean said...

Frankly, I'm not opposed to a Burkha Barbie. As one option in a plethora of possibilities, it makes sense. As the woman quoted in the article says, it's important for kids everywhere to have a toy that reflects their culture.

Given the concerns I have for the direction this country is taking, though, I'd hate to think it's an indicator of where OUR culture may be going. I find that thought extremely troubling.

I'm experiencing a little cultural problem of my own here in Central Texas. I went into Tractor Supply last week, and they were playing Spanish music. I went to bingo at the VFW last week, and everyone around us was speaking Spanish. I know Hispanic culture is pervasive in Texas, but I'm beginning to feel like a foreigner in my own country. Don't particularly care for that.